We inspire technical evolution combining passion, creativity and competence.


A story made of passion for innovation

We’re the heirs of 30 years’ experience of the tooling division of INglass spa designing and manufacturing high precision injection tools for the plastic industry. Thanks to our 360° know how, we are a strategic partner in different markets such as automotive lighting, glazing and exterior, high quality smart and functional surfaces for the automotive as well as for the household industry.



The company is founded as INCOS, specialized since the beginning in the production of tools for the then innovative multi-colour lenses for automotive rear lamps.

INCOS acquires hot-runner producer A.S. and the hot runner division is established. The great adventure of HRSflow, worldwide leader in hot runners, has started.

First bi-material rotational tool for PC head lens.

First bimaterial glazing tool for a framed transparent backlite producing industrially developed components on a 2300ton spin form injection machine.

INglass, initially the trade name of the tools for plastic glazing, becomes the company name thanks to the high market profile of this technology.

INglass acquires ERMO, French leader for cosmetic and packaging tools. ERMO becomes the new brand of the whole tooling division, including automotive.

IML technology

First multilayer smart grill tool embedded radom behind IML customer emblem and integration of heating foil for defrosting purposes.

Spinoff of the tooling division of INglass Group which becomes an independent company under the name of INEVO. Cooperation with CST.

PPAP approval for first serial production of multi-shot rear lenses for first-class automotive market player.


Continuously looking for improvement

We are professional toolmakers and plastic injection moulding specialists. We love to create new innovative solutions for the plastic business and make them real with our high-end technology in mould engineering and manufacturing, offering unique comprehensive and tailored services.

We work across a range of sectors from the automotive to the industrial and ambient lighting as well as the furniture and home appliances.

  • 120 employees
  • 22 mln € turnover
  • 15 SE activities/year
  • 100+ injection tools / year
  • 80%+ export share
  • 5.000.000+ parts produces / year


#plant1 San Polo

Toolshop and production
Our R&D and engineering center with a fully integrated toolshop for the production of multi-shot tools for automotive lighting and innovative solutions for the smart mobility. Injection machinery installed:

  • 800ton 3k rotational IMM
  • 1600ton 4k rotational IMM
  • 2300ton 2k spin-form IMM


#plant2 Chiarano

Our toolshop for the production of precision tools for automotive exterior and ambient housings tools, as well as for home and industrial appliances.

  • Working-field: X1800 - Y2500 - Z1400-1900
  • Axes: 5 continuous +1
  • Pallets: 5


#plant3 Piavon

Our facility for serial production of high quality aesthetical molded parts for the automotive industry as well as for the industrial and home appliances, ambient lighting and house furniture.

  • 25-100ton (x6)
  • 130-300ton (x4)
  • 500-800ton (x2)


Passion and collaboration:
our added values

Our team is composed of project managers, technical engineers, process technicians, milling and bench workers, toolshop operators. We all have in common the enthusiasm to do our very best to make of INEVO a reliable partner for high-end applications.


The mark of Inevo?

We’re ISO 9001 certified for every phase of the project, from design to serial production of plastic parts.

ISO/TS 16949 for automotive production and ISO 22000 for food safety management in progress.

In addition, in April 2022, Ecovadis positively assessed INEVO on the integration of the Sustainability/CSR principles in its business and management system.