Co-design, prototyping and after-sales support: our customized support

Always ready to take on new challenges, we support and advise our customers to turn his projects into reality and support them over time with our service.


CO-DESIGN: step by step, in close cooperation with our customers

Each molded part embraces a new challenge. We work with you step by step, from the initial concept to an accurate process simulation through rheological analysis until the final prototype. With our team of Gold Certified rheology experts, we study the design feasibility and provide strategic improvements to obtain the best result in terms of quality, cost and productivity.


We give shape
to your ideas

Rational, effective, fully engineered shapes to be transformed into industrial components with a prototype mould. We provide different solutions for every need, from aluminium to soft steel tools for one shot testing as well as for small serial production. We take care of pilot production, part validation, serial tool production, process finetuning, installation and on-site assistance until start of production.


A helping hand,
always available

Our technicians are on your side during mould installation and during the whole lifetime of the tool. Technical hotline is available 24/7 to support in case of any unforeseen scenario during tool finetuning and part production. We may take care of the periodical refurbishment of the tools in our highly skilled lab.


Plastic processing
is a science

And our senior technicians are scientists formed at the university of our testing lab. We provide process training or on-site assistance at our customers’ plants until a stable process is obtained, for continuous production as well as for prototype testing. We provide spare parts and support during whole life of the tool.